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About Poke Fodder

I am proof that you only need to courage to get started and a willingness to learn to become a successful content creator. It started with several cringe-worthy videos covering a game called Pokemon Duel in 2017, then blossomed into something larger than I ever imagined.

Content creation piqued my interest when I found Trainer Tips' videos covering Pokemon Go in 2016. I was immediately drawn to the way he was able to tell a story though playing a geolocation game. Even still, it took me several months to build up the courage to start my own channel and, fearing I could never compete with Nick's work, I chose to cover a different game.

Pokemon Duel was fun and there was not a lot of content being created for the game in its infancy, so armed with my cellphone, a headphone microphone, and iMovie, I started creating videos in February the following year.

As the game gained in popularity, so did my channel. As I grew more comfortable creating game play videos using my own voiceovers, my channel started to develop its own personality and following. Even though I was having success with Pokemon Duel, I knew this style of content wasn't the direction I envisioned for my channel. I wanted to take a more active role in becoming the face of my channel.

When Jurassic World Alive (JWA) was launched in the United States in April 2018, I knew this was the window of opportunity I was looking for to launch my channel in a new direction. It was a MAJOR transition moving to vlog style content. Learning the editing skills I needed to create the quality of content I envisioned was a steep and often times uncomfortable learning curve.

But it didn't take long before Ludia, developers of JWA, reached out to me and asked me to beta test future builds of their game. This was a first for me and it really gave my content credibility with my channel's fan base.

After almost a year covering JWA, Ludia reached out again, this time to invite me to visit their headquarters in Montreal, Canada. 

However, Ludia wasn't the only company who reached out to me during this time. My work also caught the eye of the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment department.

Now, as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets ready to launch in the United States, I have been
been given the opportunity to release exclusive marketing content and I was even invited as one of a select few to attend the Wizards Unite Launch Event in Hollywood, Calif., on June 18, 2019.

The moral of my story? If I can start creating content with nothing more than a phone, a mic, and a laptop, anybody can. You just have to start somewhere.

By choosing to become a Patreon, you are not only choosing to support the content I make, but you are also helping to keep the PokeFodder discord server running.

While I have not sorted out all of the details just yet, I will be adding membership tiers. These tiers will include placement on in-game friend's lists for both JWA and Wizards Unite, exclusive access and roles on my discord server, exclusive details on future meet-n-greets, merch, and other items to be determined. 

Thank you for your continued support,
Michael - PokeFodder

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