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My loyal minions can vote on blog business - mostly I anticipate this being "which Pokémon should I review next?" but I'll also consult you on anything else that comes up.  I will also follow any Twitter accounts you care to name, if you're the sort of person who cares about that, from @pokemaniacal.

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Cult members will have their names displayed on a special page on the blog.  Questions submitted by cultists through Patreon have priority over questions submitted to the blog.

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Acolytes get higher billing on the acknowledgements page, and also receive access to "behind-the-scenes" "content" about my writing process, or assorted musings that don't make it to the actual blog.




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About Pokémaniacal

Pokémaniacal is the ongoing story of one lunatic's love-hate relationship with the Pokémon games and universe.  Using my eclectic knowledge of history, literature and science, I critique designs and plots, analyse characters, speculate about how unseen parts of the Pokémon world might work, discuss issues of game design and balance, answer my readers' burning questions, and - from time to time - just make stuff up.
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At this level I'll commit to some kind of regular schedule for the behind-the-scenes stuff I post here, rather than the "when the mood strikes me" rhythm I have at the moment.
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