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Heya Pokemon Go lovers, botters & random readers out there!
We are PokeMobBot, developing Pokemon Go Bots since the first day of Pokemon Go. The more experienced people of the pokemon go botting scene will more likely know us as the developers behind the Pokemon Go Bot ,,NecroBot". PokeMobBot is the result of an amazing community, contributing via GitHub, ideas or bug reports! This made us one of the most successfull Pokemon Go Bots out there, with over 30.000 Users.

We are currently developing one of the most advanced & safest Pokemon Go Bots out there, enabling amazing features and new possibilities: PokeMobBot Redux

So why should you support us ?

You might have used any Pokemon Go Bot before, for free ofcourse. Developing such a Bot takes much time, time we Developers take from our spare time. Don't take me wrong! PokeMobBot will always be available for free to the public.

We want to encourage you to support us just with a small amount of money. Actually seeing people supporting us with money ofcourse drives us to spend more spare time on the development of this project.

Convince yourself with our community:
More than 4.000 Followers on Twitter:
More than 2.000 Users on Discord:
More than 600 Stars on GitHub:
More than 400 Registered Members on our Forums:
More than 270 Donators on Discord!

What you get as reward:

  • Exclusive Beta Access
  • Exclusive Early Beta Access
  • Exclusive Patron Group on our Discord chat, to show off your amazing support
  • Access to the secret #Donator channel on our Discord
  • Beta Features of upcoming versions before the public receives
  • Exclusive Premium Features on the PokeMobBot Redux Version
  • Exclusive entry in the hall of fame credits section of our PokeMobBot Redux version with an link of your choice
  • Premium Support on our Bot
  • Bring in your amazing ideas in a private chat with the developers
  • Hugs & love <3

    PokeMobBot Features:

  • PTC Login / Google
  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns
  • Farm pokestops
  • Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood
  • Throw Berries/use best pokeball
  • Transfers duplicate pokemons
  • Evolve all pokemons
  • Throws away unneeded items
  • Humanlike Walking
  • Configurable Custom Pathing
  • Softban bypass
  • AutoUpdate / VersionCheck
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Use lucky egg while evolve
  • Egg Hatching Automatically
  • Multi bot support
  • Snipe pokemon
  • Power-Up pokemon
  • And much more!

    What you get with the upcoming PokeMobBot Redux Bot:

  • One of the safest & most advanced bots out there
  • Built on top of an modular architecture, supporting plugins developed by our community
  • Easily enhance your Bot, thx to the plugins system
  • A completely rewritten version of PokeMobBot, from scratch
  • Goals
    0% complete
    If we really hit this goal, we will keep you guys updated with weekly progress updates, to keep you guys hyped <3

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