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About Roxanna

Update: After a discussion with all my current patrons, and feeling stifled by limiting myself to games when they have much less of a place in my life right now than more complex issues, we have agreed to expand the scope of this Patreon Campaign to include writing about issues of identity, gender, sexuality, politics, and any other topic I can bring a unique perspective to. I thank those patrons for their patience during this difficult period and look forward to creating new content in the future.

This also allows me to publish my work on other sites. I can't lie; my partners and I are pretty desperate for the income right now, and since it's been so difficult to create anything at all for me as of late, I'd like to make the most out of what I can finish.

Hi, my name is Roxanna, and while I love games, I feel strongly that we as a collective culture have a long way to go, and a lot of self-examining to do, before we're ever going to get the most out of this medium. I would like to try to help, in the form of written critiques, either of specific games, or of more generalized design concepts that I find interesting and underutilized. This could range anywhere from something as seemingly simple as jumping in platformers, to theorizing about mathematical scaling over the course of an RPG, or to critiquing plot from my perspective as a disabled trans woman. If I can make it interesting, it's fair game.

I've always dreamed of taking what knowledge I had and using it to make a lasting impact on people, but it's been difficult to realize that dream conventionally. Between getting kicked out, running away, beginning HRT, suing for domestic violence, getting kicked out again, being uninsured while having an illness which may eventually require surgery, physical disability, and PTSD, I'm... having a difficult time. I'd like to be able to keep surviving to contribute my knowledge and perspective in a form that will last, so with your help, I'd like to modify my dreams a bit, and do my best to realize them here.

I cannot exactly promise a regular update schedule with my currently unstable living situation, which is why, instead of a monthly payment, I will be asking patrons to contribute on an article-by-article basis. My current long-term goal is to work my way up to four articles a month, although I expect this number will start lower, so please set your monthly contribution caps accordingly. Even capping your donation to one article per month, you'll be doing a great deal to help me survive, and to continue to grow and improve.

Thank you very much for your support. I will give my all to make it worth your while.
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At the $75 goal, I'll open up a poll after every article for Patrons to decide which topic they want to be covered next. For now, the selection will be based off of the content I already have access to, but this will expand as more goals are met.
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