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Hi fellow Pokémon fans! The intention since day one was to create powerful videos that make people feel good and are representative of the characters featured on the channel. I’m truly honored seeing how you find all these videos of value and moved by your lovely, emotional comments!

Unfortunately, as explained in the short video above, the channel and projects face an impass: if there is no substantial support, there might be months without any new content in sight. This is why your fan contribution can make all the difference and keep new videos coming!

Patreon is a tool that allows you guys to donate in support of the project as a way of saying thank you and ensuring that the work continues. It’s aimed at fundraising for long-term goals that include recurring fan creations. In our case, it’s a recurring pledge of a smaller amount per month. It’s very easy to setup, as explained here. You can also edit or entirely delete your monthly pledge, so you never go above your budget and you can feel perfectly safe! Everything depends entirely on the amount of fan contribution: so if you really love some of the videos and want to see more of them, please help however you can.

Love you guys and would be amazing to be able to continue with new content as often as possible. :)
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