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Character Sheets, Thank-You, & More!
per month

Your favorite cast member will shout out a personal thank-you at the end of the show.  Be sure to send us a message to let us know who you'd like to give you that shout-out (default is the Game Master, Nick).

In addition, you'll get access to see our character sheets on Google Sheets.  Discover all the stats and traits and secret motivations behind our characters!

Additional bonuses:

 - Access to the Patron Discord

 - Priority to play with us

 - Critical Fumble Entry (1 entry per dollar)

That last one may need some explanation: Basically, if a trainer or Pokemon were ever to roll a critical fumble (a "1"), something nutty will happen - and that's up to YOU to decide!

We'll create a table that includes all the entries from our patrons, and Nick will choose from them (fairly, so everyone gets a chance) every time a "1" is rolled.  YOU get to influence the outcomes of the game!

NPC or Pokemon
per month

As well as receiving our thanks at the end of the episode, and getting access to the Secret Archives, you will become an integral part of the Pokemon Rollout! world!  One NPC or NPC's Pokemon (your choice) will be named after you (per the GM's discretion).  Send us a message and:

  • Tell us whether you'd like to be an NPC or an NPC's Pokemon.
  • Tell us who you'd like to give you a shout-out at the end of the episode (default is the Game Master, Nick).
Delibird Letter Delivery
per month

Includes all lower-tier rewards.

Send a personalized message to a friend, relative, fellow fan, or character on the show!  Delibird will deliver the letter to one of the characters to read aloud in an episode, and you might just get a response from the characters (even if it's not addressed to them)!

Limit 500 words.

As long as you are a current donor, you can send a new letter twice per year!




per month

About Pokemon Rollout

Thank you so much for your support!  We would not be the show we are without you, our listeners and supporters.  Take time to peruse all the different levels of donations, and examine the rewards at each tier.  We want you to be a part of this adventure, so decide just how you'd like to come along!
$49 of $50 per month
At this level, we can pay a composer, so we'll have ORIGINAL music for Pokemon Rollout!, and we'll sell CDs on the website.  Some Patrons will even get some CDs as gifts!
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