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About PokeSear.ch

I am Skel, the creator of PokeSear.ch

PokeSear.ch started out as a small project designed to allow a small group of friends and I access to live real time tracking of Pokemon. The original server used for hosting the website was a server I used for creating runescape bots (we're much more sophisticated than that now, I promise) and now we're at over FIVE MILLION hits, that's over FIFTY MILLION Pokemon scanned since creation. PokeSear.ch has come a long way.

I want to keep this site up and sadly, that's an expensive thing to do. My first goal is for $600 a month. This is the bare minimum the site needs to run including captchas, hashing servers, and proxies. This amount would mean a solid continuation of the site for the foreseeable future.

The second goal of $1000 would allow me to start making a profit from my work on the site and would allow me to devote more of my time into making a solid scanner. I don't really expect to get this much but anything will help keep the site up.

If you don't know what PokeSear.ch is, how'd you get here in the first place? Go  here to check us out and start sear.ching

$0 of $600 per month
PokeSear.ch will be funded 24/7, no interruptions from captchas. I'll be able to focus on making the site better rather than begging for captcha funds
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