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About Pokemon Go Pokesnipers Fireball

Pokesnipers FIREBALL
Welcome to Pokesnipers, a premium service to find Pokémon Go coords Gen 5, advanced GPX tool features including 145000 members on Discord Pokémon GO community that allow enthusiasts to meet new friends, and raid.

Join Pokesnipers today a live, interactive Pokémon coords gen 5 service and get mobile push notifications to become the very best like no one else!

Introducing Pokesnipers FIREBALL nextgen GPX tool with Gen 5 coordinates.

Gen 5 Coords is now available!


How to started:
1. To get started select your package 
2. After donation please leave a comment so we can identify you.
3. Read and follow instructions given after pledging.

New: Bonus Free Android Setup Guide included as gift.*

New: IOS Tool for $11 or above (Provided by affiliate as gift)**
What you get as reward:
- Search any pokemon available with $pokesearch pokemon privately
- Get Pokémons on demand
- Include  pokemon channel (with notification for $11 and above)
- Tool for $11 or above (Provided by affiliate as gift)**
- Bonus Free Android Setup Guide included as gift.*
- Include 90-100 (with notification for $11 and above)
- Raid channel
- Notification on Pokémons and channels
- See CP
- Generation 5 channel (Gen 5 Coords)
- Channel for Generation 4, 3, 2 and one
- Channel Low level 0-90
- Shiny's Channel
- Donator Chat Channel
- Special support & channel VIP pledge $39 and above (including 6 month)
- Nest Channel
- Raid Channel
- Advanced Support for $15 or more

- Offer: Advanced Support for $24 and you get 3 month access and above pledge 1:1 support and first beta access to new products.

NEW: We've added many epic channels for you guys enjoy! #all-shiny#maxcp#gible#aerodactyl#lapras#dratini#larvitar#machamp#blissey-chansey#beldum-bagon#regional#100-gen1#100-gen2#100iv-gen3#100iv-gen4 #100iv-gen-5 
Thanks for supporting Pokesnipers!

Don't worry about donating in late of month as you will get 30 days from begin of your pledge.

** Require license key provided monthly (Works 30 days from activation)
** Require a PC or MAC with an Iphone connected to USB or wifi (hosted mode)
** Starting from $11 pledge and above
** Including manual, setup, support and video tutorial
* Comes with pledge $11 or more as free gift.

Please consider when donating $39 and above you get following discount benefits:
VIP $39 = 6 month access. (Including 6 months support)
Legendary $59 = 12 months access (Including 12 months support)
Angel $99 = 24 months access (Including 24 months support)
Titan $198 = 60 months access (Including 60 months support)

Pokesnipers our Discord Server.

Thank you!

Running Pokesnipers incurs a lot of expenses on product development to provide you the best coords. On that behalf any pledge from you matters for us. We kindly appreciate  your support  so we can create a better service. 

Please select your pledge package to the right side of the page here.

Terms of Use
By pledging you accept that the game update or other services issues we do not control over can cause downtime therefore we do not offer refund. All donations is free will. We are not responsible for your gameplay. We do our best having 95% uptime and customer satisfaction over 2 years in service. All is provided as a gift.

I am sincerely thankful for your consideration of pledge to Pokesnipers.
Select a membership level
Pokesnipers Fireball
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Limit Special Offer
Get Access to $Pokesearch spam free including 100IV and max CP with many new channels. +18 Coords Channels Total!

Includes Discord rewards
Quick Access: Coords + 100IV
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per month

100 IV Coords with Notification

Includes Discord rewards
Pokesnipers Fireball Donator.
Limited (9 remaining)
per month

Pokesnipers Fireball  + You will get access to $pokesearch 100iv and 100IV Channel and GPX tool with teleport and support for setup.

Includes Discord rewards
75% complete
Help us creating a better Pokémon Go coords service for you. Much appreciate for your kindly support you may choose. Get Epic Tools.
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