is creating uncomfortable earth focused imagery and middle aged pole art

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Welcome My name is Featherpistol and I'm making uncomfortable imagery about our dying earth.  I am trying to face this reality head on and do whatever I can to help push the tide towards green energy, sustainable products, biodegradable containers, and ecological protection.  I hope to share some things that help you push with me, so we can fight this tidal wave of glut together!  I believe in staying positive even in the darkest of times.  I believe if we each do small actions we can collectively help the planet.  I believe in equality for ALL bodies, the power of pole dance to heal past trauma, and most especially in Protecting our PLANET.  If you believe in ANY of these things, you are already one of us!  We'd love to have you join our tribe here by selecting "Become a Patron".

As a 38 year old performance artist, I am clearly losing my mind to be here on Patreon with my cracked under eye area and my dwindling hormones.  BUT, NONETHELESS, HERE I AM.  I’ve created this page in hopes of finding lovers of the arts, lovers of expression, lovers of gender equality and lovers of Mother Earth.   

With your patronage, we can bring awareness and support to the planet and her needs. Portions of the proceeds from this page go to earth charities such as Greenpeace, WildAid, Honor the Earth, Oceana, Friends of the Earth, and Conservation International. It has been amazing to make the contributions we have made so far!   Since the inception of this page, we've donated over $1,000.00 to various charities all over the world.  (Pole for the Globe....get it?)  We've done this with the 9 loyal patrons that have been with me since the start.  Can you imagine what we could donate if we were 50 strong?  500 strong?  Our current goal is to get to 49 patrons and start sending a *minimum* of $50/month to the National Parks Conservation Association in 2020.  Our vision is to create a means for taking ACTION for the earth by crowdfunding for the planet.  What if we could shift focus on a month by month basis to address a natural disaster relief fund or aid an animal that is being threatened by drilling or mining pressure?  This is where our tribe becomes powerful. 

Your donations also support me in the following projects:
~Pole for the Globe:  performances with many of my favorite artists in nature that are recorded and published exclusively on Patreon
~Pole for the Globe Donations:  we'll be "tithing" a minimum of $50/month in 2020 to National Parks if we hit our goal of 49 patrons!  We're on our way!   
~Pole for the Globe Crew:  with your pledge, you'll help me pay our guest performers and crew behind the scenes 
~Featherpistol Performances Worldwide in cabarets and supperclubs
~A future gallery show based on performance 
~Eco focused drawings and sketches 
~a customized Deer costume made especially for pole dancing
~kung fu fan lessons with a private coach 
~A Sound Healing for DUMMIES book (seriously...I am a certified Sound, Voice and Music Healer from the California Institute of Integral Studies) **note this is only for the "Whirling Dervish" reward tier and up**
~Ugly Duckling Photo Album:  photos that prove how awkward I used to be juxtaposed with photos of my performances **only for the "Horus" reward tier and up**

Your support means the world to me.  Thank you for visiting this page.  If you'd like to hire me for aerial performance check out this page.  If you'd like to try Skype personal training with me go here.  If you'd like to COLLABORATE, send me a message on Social Media or email me:  [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pole?  Didn't you go to college?  

Yes I did go to college and am proud of my Chemistry and Art History Bachelor's degree from USC.  I feel what I learned there was priceless (despite one hefty price tag).  Freshmen year I took a writing course and in that class I learned there is a word to describe some of the injustices I'd observed all my life up to that point:  FEMINISM.  What a beautiful, nasty word.  I had never known about this word or this movement.  Feminism is the F Word y'all.  I know both male and female feminists.  I started getting active in college at Take Back the Night ceremonies and started speaking up for myself, my friends, and anyone I could.  This includes any transgender folx and anyone who identifies as a "she", as well as any males out there who are feminists.  Sadly over time I could see how hard it was to fight this fight as the hegemonic bias was literally programmed into our subconscious, even my own.  I kept fighting anyway.  The fire I felt inside to fight misogyny has never gone away.  

Okay so you're a feminist.  How does that relate to pole dancing?  

Flash-forward to post-college when I started doing kung fu 6 days a week.  I loved building my strength and my power both in my body and mind.  Yet I knew something was missing.  I still felt like an awkward Tomboy, not really a "real woman" yet in my body.  I was fit and active (I became a personal trainer after college) but I felt unhappy in my body.  On a whim, one of my personal training clients bought me an intro class at a pole dance studio in LA (S Factor).  I went with an open mind.  As we started moving in class I felt something happening to me.  I suddenly realized I had NEVER moved with sensual purpose in my life.  I had always loved dancing but THIS, this was different.  This was sensual, curvy movement, guided from the inside out.  This was something deep and earthy inside of me I had never felt before.  I become hooked immediately.  I knew my then boyfriend would hate that I was taking these classes, but I thought to myself "I don't care ~ I'm sick of doing everything his way anyway".  After a few months of taking classes I was asked to be an instructor.  Being a kettlebell expert already I took to the pole tricks quickly and felt very strong in them.  As I continued to dance at S Factor, I knew I wanted to become a circus-style performer, but instead of aerial silks or trapeze, I wanted to perform pole.  I wanted to perform in-your-face FEMINIST pole dancing.  There's that F Word again.  During this time another F word was born:  FEATHERPISTOL.  This was my given and chosen stagename.

Interesting.  How hard did you train?  Where have you performed?  Who have you performed with?  

After that, I moved to San Francisco to study at the Circus Center and with my private chinese pole acrobatics coach:  Dominik Wyss.  (see what Chinese Pole is here) This man took me from a mere mortal to someone who could kinda-sorta hang as a circus performer.  That meant training 6 days a week for several hours a day.  Since that transformation, I have performed with cabarets, circuses, supperclubs, Vegas nightclubs, burlesque shows, and casinos in both the US and abroad.  My favorite international family is supperclub Amsterdam which has hosted me as their International Performer in Residence for many years.  My favorite group of talented babes is Champagne Productions based in Lake Tahoe ~ seriously so fierce!  I also have worked with the inimitable Vau de Vire Society in San Francisco.  Loved rocking those stages with that crew :))  

After 13 years, why do you still perform?  

I believe pole dancing is a sacred ritual.  I believe that it allows the dancer to truly look within in a way that "still meditation" does not.  If you want to read a little something I wrote, effectively a Pole for the Globe Manifesto, go here.  Because of this "pole dance as ritual" concept, I believe I'll pole dance for my spirit indefinitely.  You should try it :)

The reality is:  No matter how many performances I do, and no matter how many times someone says "you're so strong/that was beautiful/I've never thought of pole dancing in that way" , there will always be someone out there who sees me or any woman on a pole and immediately thinks all sort of dominative, toxic, hegemonic, misogynist things.  But, I try not to let it get to me - their thoughts do not equal our artistic worth.  

Why can't you balance on one leg very well?  

~As you can see in my Intro Video "Post Apocalypse", I cannot stand on one leg on stage very well.  This is because I did not grow up doing ballet like many performers I know, even though I am 5'10" and appear to have been prima ballerina.  NOPE!  Not even close....I was a very awkward, shy child in the 80s and had frizzy hair, bad skin and braces for like a decade.  When I was little I also had those embarrassing glasses that turned dark when you went outside and they *definitely* didn't help my single leg balance.  I am still painfully awkward most times.  I did however play every sport under the sun and was a pretty good athlete - playing varsity tennis and basketball in high school.  As you can see in my Intro video, I have a martial arts movement background and this is because I did Kung Fu very seriously for 13 years and still practice it today.  All in all ~ I can't stand on one leg on stage very well yet.  

Do I have to pay in US Dollars? 

~Nope! Everything is shown in US dollars on the website, but you may use any currency and it will be automatically converted.
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We Have a Tribe!/How About a Magnet?/$50 to Charity Every Month:  Once we get to 49 patrons I will hold a giveaway and send 5 of you lovely beasts a MAGNET with my face on it.  Yeppppp can you imagine the sheer joy of seeing a middle-aged pole dancing deer every time you get something from your fridge?!  Once we hit this level, I can start paying a charity $50/month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts

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