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Tiny Nugget
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You have access to my Discord server, with my sketch-dumps where I post all the stuff I usually don't show anyone, and you can vote on the monthly Patreon illustrations/comics!

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Tiny Nugget (MATURE)
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Same as "Tiny Nugget", except you can see mature content!

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Biscuit Lover
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All previous rewards, plus every month, you can suggest one idea that you and the other patrons will vote on for the monthly illustrations/comics! 

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About Ad

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Ad and I'm a french animation student who does comics, illustrations & animations for a living!

What are the rewards?

■ Exclusive access to my private discord server where I post all of my art and WIPs, most of which is won't be posted on tumblr! Also, it's nice to have a chat, the server is pretty active! And at the end of every month, I post everything in a neat .zip here that you can download.

■ 2 patron suggested comics/illustrations/tutorials per month. Each month, you can suggest ideas and at the end, all patrons vote for their favourite ones, and the top 2 get drawn! (you can suggest mature stuff, but only if you're ready for it— see below)

On Mature Content:

The mature channel on the discord is only available to those who have picked a mature tier. I can't verify anyone's age, so please only pick those tiers if you're of age in your country and comfortable seeing mature content! You are responsible for your own internet experience.
(note: while all characters drawn are 18+, most of them will be 50+...  don't kinkshame me)

$75 of $100 per month
I will start working on my comic "We Need To Talk" again and update it once a month until completion.
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