is creating 🍅 Pomo.chat : a pomodoro radio for coders and makers 🎶
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Thanks to you, I can buy enough coffee to write some code.
I can actually dedicate a few hours on the weekend to fix some bugs!
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Y'all ain't joking with your pomos!
I can pay for the server and buy bottomless coffee, so I can improve the app and develop new features!

Let's make Pomo.chat the best tool ever to get shit done.




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About William

Why you should support 🍅Pomo.chat:
🤗 pomo.chat is made by an indie developer!
No big tech company reselling your data, just me fixing the bugs on a Sunday night at 4AM.

🚀 When you support pomo.chat financially, you allow me to pay some bills and make sure I can afford to spend time developing new features.

😫 Otherwise I have to spend my time on work and I cannot make pomo.chat even more awesome
Why I made 🍅Pomo.chat:
For a while my work routine has been this:
🎵Find some good music on Youtube
🤫 (Try to) focus and remove all distractions
⏸️ Take some breaks to log what I've done, and go chat with friends

I thought maybe we can do this together, all at the same time? 🤔

So I made an app for that:
🎶 A long mix of 55min to focus without interruption (you can vote for your favorite tunes)
🍅 A Pomodoro timer to remember to focus and take breaks
🤪 A chat so you can blow off some steam with other makers during breaks (but only during breaks! The bot will mute message posted during focus hours)

It's like making 55 min 🍅 Pomodoros, all at the same time, with the same music!
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Currently you can only log in with Telegram.
I will add Twitter as an extra option for login
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