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Welcome to my Patreon you can call me Poofylion or MishaI enjoy drawing and designing anthro characters,
making stories/comics, and bringing other peoples' ideas to life!

 How do I become a Patron and what do I get?
Patreon is one of the ways I can truly dedicate myself art & creating, so every little bit helps!
I can give out monthly
rewards to those who pledge, including say so in what I draw and art previews.
You can view the rewards of each tier to your right and see which one seems right for you if you consider it!

Even if you don't pledge, any support is truly helpful, you can find me at these places as well:
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EVEN MORE REWARDS! Will add a new tier along with another celebratory stream! I can truly dedicate myself to this and spend more time to create more for you all!
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