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Hi y'all, my name is Sam and I'm the creator behind the blog PoppyFox and it's associated social media accounts.  You can find the blog here: https://www.poppyfoxart.com

I've been devoted to making art for most of my (short) life.  There's nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a sketchbook and a pencil and doodling, sketching, and drawing (yep, there's a difference between the three!).  I've spent most of the years I've been drawing learning what I know mostly on my own.  I took several art classes in high school and one in college before I realized I was never quite learning what I wanted to and decided I'd do better on my own.  And for the most part, so far, I have.

Helping others is something I'm very passionate about and I'm always looking to make that goal a part of my daily life.  My goal as an artist, therefore, is not only to improve my own skills, but to help others realize their own artistic potential as well.  Whether that's from something simple as inspiration, a discussion about mediums and how best to use them, to more complex things such as speedpaints, step-by-step guides, and even tutorials, I want to help others gain the confidence and knowledge to improve.

To me, my journey as an artist is meaningless unless I can bring others along with me, so I hope you'll consider joining me here on Patreon!  If not, then you can still support me by visiting my blog over at https://www.poppyfoxart.com or by watching my YouTube videos (link on my blog).  
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Adobe Creative Cloud Monthly subscription covered!  Maybe I'll do some tutorials on some of the programs?
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