Poppy Xander

is creating Theatre de Poppy Xander - Music, Piano, Improv and Torch Song
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Therapeutic Piano Improvisations & Posts
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**At least one Live Stream (Video and Audio) weekly Piano Improvisation lasting 10-20 minutes and announced the day before. 

**Spontaneous Piano improvisations that are unannounced.

**Improvisations will be available for audio streaming the following day.

**Also included will be written posts and updates

These improvisations have been very therapeutic and cathartic for many listeners via Facebook and now it is time to have a personal collection of them, for you and for me.  These improvs come straight from the heart every time. <3




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About Poppy Xander

I have spent many years performing publicly and now I have a desire to create for a private audience. For years I have been posting my 15-20 minute improvisations publicly on facebook, with so much support, but I feel that it is time to reserve those vulnerable moments for a unique group that I believe can be cultivated through Patreon. I would like to talk about the inner most workings of song writing and production, as well.  I regularly perform with over 8 projects in the DFW metroplex, but there is something I am still yearning for and I hope that you will come on the journey with me to find what it is.