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per creation
The I don't really care about rewards,
I just want to support Poraakel Tier:

• Tangerine rank in Discord
Includes Discord rewards
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The IV hunter tier
Rewards include:

• Special Lime rank on Discord
• Access to IV and CP enabled notifications on Discord
•  Access to patron only secret chat
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The Stevie Wonder Tier:

 • A new Town/City added to Poraakel                          (Publicly available)
• Additional alarm channel on Discord with CP/IV notifications
• Access to that super secret Discord chat

Includes Discord rewards



About Poraakel

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

This page was made for the upkeep of https://poraakel.eu
You can choose your own contribution amount and based on it, you will be able to unlock additional features or even areas on the map. 


• I cannot guarantee the service will be available indefinitely, there are 3rd party dependencies outside my control
• IV/CP scan is very fresh and experimental, it may experience downtime or problems with scans due to this now or due to other reasons in the future
• Please keep in mind that the IV and CP scans will only be accurate if your trainer level is over lvl 30 
• Talking or sharing IV/CP information outside the super secret chat is prohibited
• Discord rules apply for chat moderation.

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