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Welcome to Pork Chop Filter Productions! I Commander Pork Chop Filter & Lieutenant Bird have come forward breaking our silence to bring you Intelligence Reports from Fake News Networks, Corrupt Politicians, Outrageous and Unbelievable Criminal Activity, and other insane events taking place on your planet every day! We will be broadcasting from different locations throughout the universe from our Flag Command Ship the PCFF - TERMITE so please "stay tuned".

Pork Chop Filter Productions is not a news service! We provide a mockery of Headlines and Events from a Corporate, Militaristic, Intergalactic, Space Authoritarian perspective. It is not our intention to offend but to entertain! Commander Pork Chop Filter & Lieutenant Bird are very excited to bring this unique and original content.

As we reach our funding goal, all exclusive video content that is uploaded for our Patrons will remain exclusive to you "our Patrons" and will never be available to the general public!

Comics! Yes you heard that right! Commander Pork Chop Filter will also be uploading comics to the website;, and they will be available only to you for the first month of their existence! These comics will be in a single page format outlying the adventures of the Commander and Lieutenant Bird from the past, present, and future featuring the origins and escapades of the Pork Chop Filter Fleet! We plan on uploading at minimum one comic per month possibly more depending on film and animation schedules. As an added bonus, you will have the option of downloading each comic in PDF format so you can print them out and create your own scrap book! Naturally this feature will only be available to my patrons.

Visit for history and other information regarding the adventurous Pork Chop Filter Fleet! There is also an advice column. Feel free to ask the Commander anything and everything. The Commander feels he is an expert in all things questionable! Once per month the commander will answer one or more questions from our audience! This feature will be available to everyone...

Any funding that is received before we reach our goal will be used to upgrade all of our production equipment. We (Lieutenant Bird and I) also plan to build a large render cluster using older servers in order to create epic space scenes including flybys and space battles in future episodes.

With your support we can achieve the impossible, and further expand the Pork Chop Filter Fleet!
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If we can achieve our funding goal, I will be able to cancel my current contract and command the Pork Chop Filter Fleet full time.

I will be offering a minimum of three exclusive videos per month (possibly more) of the best and funniest headlines (video's) to my Patreon supporters (this means you). I will also be continuously upgrading my equipment to bring you higher quality content.

Every month I will be uploading comics to featuring the misadventures of the Pork Chop Filter Fleet. They will be available to only you for the first month of their publication.

Also there will be a Monthly give away of Pork Chop Filter merchandise exclusively to one of our lucky supporters! This will include T-Shirts, coffee cups, hand made arm bands, badges, and much more. 

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