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About Porronett

I'm an independent musician-producer from Rosario city (Argentina), a place where making a living from music (and art, in general) is quite complicated, not just because you have to be 'commercial', it's about a real lack of art industry that buys and sell any kind of art form, despite of being a huge art generator spot in Latin America (and also worldwide).
I've made this Patreon in order to keep on working and developing my production, because I don't have any other job besides teaching music (informally) and playing with my bands.
You can check out all of my work as a soloist at estebanporronett.bandcamp.com or (a piece of it) at Spotify.
I also play in, compose and produce a band called Tío Gasheta.
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If get to this point (i hope so), i'll start uploading music production tips for Ableton Live (for many different genres)
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