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per Display (1-2 new props per year)

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I've been hosting a massive Halloween display for the Greenlake community for about seven years now, consisting of entirely home-made props, animatronics, sets and costumes. I take great pride in my work and look forward to the reactions my display gets for the entire year.

Huge, elaborate yard haunts were much more common when I was young, but have since almost disappeared, and in fact even the trick or treating tradition has begun to go into decline. I started Port Dirge to provide a safe, spooky and fun family destination for Trick or Treaters on Halloween, because I know how much joy something like it would have brought me as a child.

However, as much as I wish it were, hosting an event like this isn't free. In fact far from it. I have to start work in July (or sometimes earlier) to put in the hundreds of hours it takes to create and maintain my props, and the costs of storage and maintenance these past few years are starting to eat up my entire budget. After much deliberation, I decided Patreon was the best way to go for funding. I want to keep my haunt free, and I don't want people to feel obligated to donate on Halloween when they visit (donation jars are so tacky...) so I've set up this page in hopes that my loyal visitors can find it in themselves to chip in and keep the display growing.
$9 of $200 per Display (1-2 new props per year)
Something to help set the scene, another of Port Dirge's scurvy denizens or perhaps some set dressing to help bring the world to life.
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