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“We are becoming increasingly aware that solutions to our global challenges must purposefully engage youth, at all levels – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. This generation has the passion, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future.”
Professor Klaus Schwab,World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman

The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, a nonprofit foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation while remaining independent and not tied to special interests. The World Economic Forum purposefully engages young leaders to build solutions that shape the future.

The Portland Global Shapers Hub is currently a group of 20 volunteers cultivating an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient city whose residents are invested in the welfare of Portland. 

What we do:
- Hold space for a diverse group of millennial leaders to have meaningful discussions in ways that aren't happening anywhere else in Portland. 
- Work in collaboration and partnership with others to create impact. For example, in collaboration with the City of Portland, we increased public participation in the comprehensive planning process by 300%.
- Develop necessary, new initiatives that no one else will do. For example, we are developing an entirely new way for Portland residents to provide their thoughts on issues facing the city that will replace the archaic and painful for all system of public comment currently in place.
- Pay it forward. We are targeting younger Portland residents in order to empower them, and equip them with the confidence and tools they need to be entrepreneurial change makers. Maine Girls Innovate is an initiative focused on middle school girls. After a few months, participants will have person mission and vision statements, and will have developed a prototype solution for a problem meaningful to them and their community using human centered design thinking. 
Current projects:

Hi, Neighbor! - Hi, Neighbor! is an evening of shared space, food, and stories. Its aim is to strengthen relationships, overcome bias, and community segregation. We want to support happier, better connected, and more resilient neighborhoods.

Based on a social justice theory of change that through story sharing + self work (the willingness for self-reflection and effort in self-improvement), Hi, Neighbor! is a simple gathering with a big purpose.

Ultimately, will be a series of evening events that occur in neighborhoods around Portland, Maine. Each event will offer a family style meal followed by storytelling around a theme.

Maine Girls Innovate - A leadership program that empowers middle school girls to be innovative leaders in their schools and local community. The program comprises of four after-school workshops and a day-long Field Guide culminating in a social change challenge — a student-led initiative addressing a social issue in their middle school. Maine Girls Innovate is a five-session leadership program.

Portland Participates - An initiative that seeks to improve the participatory process with an innovative platform that connects residents to elected government officials and cultivates participation for a shared vision. This platform connects existing public engagement efforts, amplifies the needs of marginalized communities, and improves access for all residents in the policy-making process. A few Portland Global Shapers discovered that the city of Portland disseminated a survey to inform the city’s 12 year comprehensive plan, but less than 1% of Portland residents responded. Concerned, the Shapers approached the City and were able to extend the survey’s deadline by three weeks. A social media campaign was born- #Portlandparticipates. In just three weeks, the number of survey responses tripled. Since then, #Portlandparticipates developed into a community outreach platform that informs residents of city meetings, initiatives and public hearings. #Portlandparticipates strives to foster relationships between the City and its residents in an inclusive and creative way.

Portland Comments - #Portlandcomments seeks to address the lack of diversity at city events by creating a multi-platform application that provides an online opportunity for residents to share their comments (virtually) before City Council and other city committees. #Portlandcomments is a tool where anyone, anytime, can submit their input on current local issues and discussions, and the government in return has access to a diverse pool of opinions. This platform thus shapes policy-making to reflect all those that may be impacted by legislation.

Ultimately, we seek to further develop an application that is the epicenter of civic engagement, where information on policies are easily accessible and digestible (#portlandparticipates), and where all residents have an opportunity to share what is important to them and their families(#portlandcomments).

Resilient Portland - #ResilientPortland isa knowledge map of sustainability programs, initiatives and resources in the Portland region. Based on initial research into the various environmentally-focused organizations in the area, this project will aim to gather all these resources into one searchable, easy-to-use platform. In doing so it will help connect residents with these organizations, promoting an educational dialogue that will lead to increased adoption of sustainable practices. We have had discussions with the Natural Resource Council of Maine about this initiative and they seem to be interested in collaborating. Over time, Resilient Portland will expand its scope beyond sustainability, applying the knowledge map model to existing organizations and initiatives in various arenas so efforts are not duplicated, but rather strengthened.

Your support will help us fund and execute community initiatives like the ones above as well as to fund Hub operating costs including professional development and biannual retreats for strategic planning. Operating costs will be allocated as follows: 20% professional development, 50% project costs, 10% conferences, 10% strategic planning retreats, 10% Global Shaper Hub led events.
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