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Just a drink. Probably a Coke Zero. Cause that's like. My favorite soda. And you're all my favorite!! <3
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Probably a chicken nuggie Happy Meal from McDonalds. A true indulgence. And that toy!! That was always my favorite part, just like you!! <3
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Big kid meal for the big spender! I started eating these around 11 years old, haha. 




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About Dave Strider

Hi! Thanks for visiting my Patreon! 

I'm Dave, an 18 y/o disabled, mentally ill nonbinary person. 
I made this Patreon to possibly help me with funding for my life (especially eating)!
It's very hard for me to work because of my disabilities.

I make art (digital and tradtional), photography and photo editing, and Vocaloid/Utau cover songs.

My main interests are:
  • Pokemon (!!!)
  • Furries (!!!)
  • Anime (the art styles)(!!!)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (!!!)
  • Homestuck (!!!)
  • DanganRonpa (!!!)
  • Video games (!!!)
  • Vocaloid (!!!)
  • Music (!!!)

Here's some examples of my art:

^^^^^^^^ Digital


^^^^^^^^Watercolor (I can really only do abstract, but I can try other stuff if you guys want!)

I... kind really don't know how to make a discription of myself, haha. If someone could point out things I could add, that would be incredibly helpful. 

Thank you!!
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Ooh, nice!! $50 extra bucks to spend on food! 
I'll also interview a random patron every month!
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