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You need to talk and I'm here for you.  A lot can be said in 20 minutes and it's good to get it all out. Each person is unique so we will take it from there.




We have the most honest conversations with strangers in the airport, in waiting rooms, at bars and airports. Oftentimes, we need to just talk and not feel judged or rushed to a conclusion - Just get things off our chest. I want you to know that I'M HERE TO LISTEN.

In a world of noise you now have a trained professional at your service who knows how to listen and HEAR what you have to say. I intently LISTEN to your ideas, struggles, feelings, pain, moments of crisis, and dreams. You don't need to keep your thoughts and emotions bottled up - I AM HERE and READY to support you along your journey.  ALL CONVERSATIONS ARE 100% CONFIDENTIAL AND YOU DON'T NEED TO TELL ME YOUR NAME.

I have only a few slots available BUT I will prioritize for anyone facing a moment of panic or crisis. Life can be a challenge sometimes. It's good to have someone that YOU CAN OPEN UP TO, in YOUR corner and respond in a manner that meets the experience you're facing: I'm HERE to help get you back on track and feeling that inner calm, peace and love. For some, you may choose to reach me via email while others prefer skype or facetime, those options are available. Depending on the tier you select we will conclude the session with a meditation. This is where I'm guided to offer words of love and support just for you.

For those who join early you become members of the circle of love, and that allows you to RECEIVE PRIORITY SCHEDULING to ensure that I'm available when you need me.

This is our sacred time together and I take it VERY seriously, so there are restrictions I must disclose such as if the listening session becomes too uncomfortable due to a graphic subject that involves harm to others or a topic I deem so extreme that I feel uncomfortable the session will be disconnected and donation is retained. These are very rare cases as I pass no judgement nor offer any "advice" rather ideas, tools, and suggestions to bring clarity when our thoughts are clouded with confusion and noise.

Positive Magazine meditations are designed to make life easier for YOU by connecting tranquil guided meditations with you every step of the way forward; even if that means sitting still. We have been featured in Elle Magazine, Bustle.com, Youtube and hundreds of sites, blogs and media channels. 

Over the years I've helped people become happier with who they are, assist them with anxiety, stress, depression, grief / loss, suicide, difficulty sleeping, self love and equally importantly understand that their happiness is the key to unlocking every door before them. I TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.  I'd like to continue to help you become more comfortable, stronger, braver and centered with the true person you are and why you are here. You define all that you are and all that you want. Together we work on a clear definition that always flexible and evolving. 

I believe that along this journey we are constantly driven by other's demands of us and it's OK to stop for a while. That the world will not come to an end because you are taking time for yourself. We need time to care for us, and sometimes we are so steered by others we don't know where to begin and how to start. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Those around you include  artists, caregiver's, parents, engineers, publishers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, seasoned professionals, health care professionals, filmmakers, a blacksmith and YOU. These meditations are applicable to anyone who is willing to truly hear.

Here's what other's have said:

"You have saved my life" - Jeff (via youtube)

"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what you do. Your words have been with me during the darkest of times. Thank you." Steve (via youtube)

"Thank you a million times. These meditations are a daily must have for my life." Clara (via youtube)

... and millions more enjoy our soothing, healing, and relaxing meditations.
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