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057: Brave Wave, Player Two, Protodome, George and Jonathan
April 30th 2014 - Tonight we play catch up on some great albums from labels Brave Wave, Pterodactyl Squad, Electric City Outrun and Bleepstreet! Also new music from George and Jonathan, Kenobit, Koishistyle and Leaf. - - LINKS - - - - TRACKLIST - - PROTODOME - I Want You in my Bedroom. koishistyle - deep sea diving George and Jonathan - R U IN 2 IT? Kenobit - Giorgio Sulumi - Abjuration (Janski Beeeats Remix) Player Two - The Days Player Two - That's What She Said Player Two - Scenesters Insert Rupee - Space Wars Leaf - Rings koishistyle - CheetahMen 2 Kenobit - Flashdance nickelPUNK - Laser Bombs 2.Bro (Hyper Mode) part II George and Jonathan - Crystal koishistyle - Triangle koishistyle - the girl from ipanema PROTODOME - Interstellar Good Times. George and Jonathan - Everyday Problems Souleye - Dolly koishistyle - three stylus Player Two - Hand to the Nose Ben Briggs - Information Overdose

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