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068: Yoann Turpin, Manami Matsumae, Little Sound Assembly
July 17th 2014 - Tonight we’ll hear new music from a compilation released by Little Sound Assembly, promoting their upcoming chiptune festival. We’ll also hear albums by Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Mighty No 9), Chip Songbook Vol. 5 by Yoann Turpin, the split EP by Chud001 & Rolemusic from Spain, and tracks by Maxo and Jonathan (George & Jonathan). Support This Week in Chiptune by pledging $1 on Patreon! - - TRACKLIST - - Player Two - Dusted Shine Manami Matsumae - Rainy Day (Benjamin Briggs Remix) Chud011 - Quantum Field Theory Doomsberry - Regularity The Laohu - LSPj Hypnogram - Helioscope Yoann Turpin - Dark World [Zelda Remix] Rolemusic - Lepton Yoann Turpin - Summer's Bits Yoann Turpin - Bot's Love Yoann Turpin - The Jungle Queen Yoann Turpin - Stage Clear Roboctopus - Can't Have the Fish if you Ain't Got the Jelly DDRKirby(ISQ) - Shining Starlight (Album Edit) Manami Matsumae - Rainy Day Manami Matsumae - Midnight Breeze Nice Feelings - Free Ski Maxo x Jonathan - Nice Feelings - - LINKS - -

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