Wow! We did it! We hit the $100/month goal! That's... that's incredible! Thank you all so much! I hope to be able to soon offer even more perks to my Patreons, but I'm still working out what to do. However, the $100/month goal was always a server tour. The question is now, a server tour of which server? Would you rather see Pixelmon or Life in the Woods? I'm thinking this month that Pixelmon makes more sense because it's an established server and there's much more to see. I also have another question: what are your thoughts on my releasing Patreon exclusive videos to YouTube at a later date? (Perhaps two-weeks or so.) I am not sure I'll do this, as then those episodes would be out-of-date and out-of-order, but it could be a fun way to promote Patreon to non-Patreon members. However, if you'd rather keep them exclusive to Patreon I'm totally fine with that. Thank you again all so much. This means the world to me.
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