A 100 Years Old Kendo Sensei Demonstrating His Kendo
Source: Kendo World Youtube: "Ota-sensei turned 100 years of age this year. He is a graduate of the famous Budo Specialist School (Busen) kendo club, and holds the rank of 7th Dan Hanshi. Now, only people who take the 8th Dan grade first can be awarded Hanshi. Ota-sensei is Hanshi as a vestige of the pre-war ranking system in kendo where previously the Dan grades only went up to 5, and were followed by Renshi, Kyoshi, and then the highest title of Hanshi. Ota-sensei does 200 suburi (practice swings) with his katana every day without fail, and is living testament that kendo is a true lifelong pursuit for perfection"