Woah, $86! I am pretty humbled here. I wasn't really sure what this Patreon experiment would lead to (and I still don't), but this is a level of support I certainly didn't expect. But I appreciate it! I recently wrote about surviving crunch time, and between my day job and freelancing, the schedule is pretty compressed. Even so, I'm taking time in the mornings or late evenings to compose blog posts on things I'm thinking about. I still owe a follow-up post about zones in Fate, which is sitting in my drafts folder around 20% complete. (It turns out that I need to draw some stuff, and doing non-writing for my blog takes me longer.) Anyway, thank you all! And thanks to James Stuart, who wrote some kind words about my blog and this thing I'm doing. (See image.) KATANAS & TRENCHCOATS FOREVER
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