Here you have the progress on our battle system. A little info on the attack system: Unlike many RPGs, Dies Irae attempts to rid the game of a simple spamming of 'attack' and instead forces you to think about your attacks and to experiment. Each character has three weapons (with Esther being an exception, but more on that later). They begin with all three weapons and each level as they are used. When you choose to attack, you are welcomed with a choice of which weapon to use. Essentially you are choosing between Standard, Fast and Strong attacks. Each weapon is equipped with an element and an attribute. For example, Jay is a Fire Genius, thus all his weapons share the fire element. Standard weapons have the Jab attribute, fast ones have the Slash attribute and strong attacks have the Thrust attribute. Each enemy has a weakness and strength to both an element and an attribute. So even if the enemy is strong to the Fire element but weak to the Slash attribute; he could still easily be dispatched by someone using a fire elemental weapon. Understanding each enemies weakness is the key to never doing 'below average' damage, and striking consistent critical's. As previously mentioned, weapons level up as they are used. Making sure that the player diversifies their attacks accordingly. Leveling up your weapons increases the amount of damage as well as the number of strikes. Making all three weapons useful from start to finish.
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