Like the attack system, the spell system is set up in such a way that makes the player strategize their attacks. Accompanied by both an Element and an Attribute, players will ultimately find themselves with an arsenal of six Attack and six Defense spells per character (once again, Esther being an exception). That may seem like very little given the premise of the game, but it actually eliminates the potential of useless spells or spells only used for a short time. Spells level as they are used, causing their strength to increase. However, this also causes the amount of SP needed to the cast the spell to increase. Leveling them up too fast can be a double edged sword and actually encourages people to swap between attacking and spell casting. More so, it insures you try to diversify the spells you use. Like attacking, knowing the Element and Attribute weaknesses of your enemies allows you to cast more efficiently. Especially as the SP begins to rise, you want to use only the spells that will serve to deal the most damage rather than wasting your SP to simply deal some quick damage. Unlike other games, every character uses magic. There is no set class of Warrior, Thief, Mage, or Monk. Rather, everyone can become any of those roles based on the enemy at hand. A Water user who usually emphasizes on healing can become your main attacker when facing a Fire user who is weak against Water. Furthermore, every Genius has a defense spell that when used will allow that character to use upgraded spells from their main set of spells. Wind and Fire users for example have their Attack spells upgraded whereas Earth and Water users will have their defense spells upgraded. In one particular example, if Esther uses Agility (which increases her speed, allowing her to attack more often), it allows her to use more powerful versions of her basic attacks. Her regular spell, Gust, has a Jab Attribute and strikes once. However, when under the influence of Agility, she can use Spiral Gust in which has a Slash Attribute and hits the enemy for three strikes rather than one. Utilizing each characters main defense spell will allow you to better strategize and deal out maximum damage.
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