I'm blown away and overjoyed by what I'm seeing here. I mean, it's barely been a DAY. Stressed out now, though!! Aaaaaagh! Happy stress! Must make these pledges worth it! I'm trying to make this site a place where you have sneak peeks into what I'm shopping around for. I honestly hadn't thought I'd get to $2000 AT ALL so I hadn't picked anything out, but I'm headed off to Video Copilot and Red Giant Software to make a list of After Effects plugins that might help out with the reviews. I'd also like to make a list of ArtBeats stock footage I can buy license to use. Hopefully that's not too expensive; I've never browsed their site with a serious intent to buy anything. As for costumes, well, I need to start poking around for people who do commission work. I know a few people already, but one can never know enough talented people!
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