I began my Patreon campaign in November of 2013, in an effort to both fund and emotionally encourage my work. Since then, through my art sales, a few equipment selloffs/trades, and my supporters/patrons, I now have: Framed my artwork for the first time Had that framed work juried into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival Renewed my Soundcloud Membership (so I can keep posting music) Purchased watercolor pens, papers, brushes and misc. art supplies Purchased an art projector, digital recorder, and vocal effects processor Been directly gifted or traded equipment contributions for: an acoustic-electric ukulele, an acoustic-electric guitar, a wireless microphone, and 12 bass accordion. I ain't lyin' - life has been really fucking heavy lately, on a personal/psychological/spiritual level. I've been getting the living shit kicked out of me, and barfing up a lot of old hurt in response to those re-enactments. Art has been saving me, flat out. The ability to put this much funding, moxie and juice into my work without having to cut off my nose to make it happen has made a profound difference in my life, and in the rising quality and consistency of the art I am making. All I can say is thank you. Thank you. -nee
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