OK guys, we need to talk. Firstly, I/we have passed the latest goal. That is awesome thank you guys so much for that. It means a lot. It also means I need to pick something to play for a series. I want it to be something similar in length to, say Fract (as opposed to something like Lego Batman which is gonna run for ages). Maybe a little puzzler or platformer. I am open to suggestions so feel free to throw a few names at me. It doesn't have to be a new game but it should be one I haven't played before. Also, I will need a new goal. I will add something in due course but the beauty of this format is we can interact more, so if there is anything you want to see then by all means let me know below. Someone on twitter suggested a new patron level with access to a crackpack fan server which I like the idea of. I am working on getting something else cool and exclusive sorted out but we will see how that goes before I announce it. In general if there is anything you want to see, let me know. Alternatively you can ask me stuff here too. Thanks for your support Baj
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