Boy, that was embarrassing. Xenu found no less than 44 bad links that were "page-local" links, that is, links from one section of the Atomic Rocket website to another. Sloppy of me. Didn't anybody notice? I've fixed them all now. You see, as the website developed, certain pages got larger and larger. For instance, the pages Space War, Space War Detection, Space War Weapons Conventional, Space War Weapons Exotic, Space War Defenses, Space War Warship Design, Space War Tactics, and Space War Planetary Attack were originally all one page. As the single page grew to be unwieldy, I would split off major sections into new pages. Unfortunately, this meant that any page local links that were within the same page would become invalid when a section was split off. I did fix these links, but Xenu told me I missed 44 of them.
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