4Koma Comics- I would like YOUR opinion
I am currently struggling to keep up with weekly comics. I've been averaging two comics per week instead of the four or five I've been aiming for. Until I can get my child in daycare- and that might be many months away- I don't think it's going to get any easier. So, I'm considering a change in comic format that might speed things up. 4Komas! Also known as 4 panel comics. It's similar to the format of many newspaper comics. For example, look up Azumanga Daioh and Shepherd0821's MLP 4Koma. This would force me to stop doing large group shots, and completely wipe out the time it takes to design panel layouts. It would speed up comic creation drastically. But, it's also not a good format for dramatic action or plots that involve much more than words. It's a format that works best for short jokes. Would you guys be bothered if I switched to 4Koma format, at least temporarily while I try to arrange for more time to work?
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