I am still reorganizing the page, but I do not wish to deactivate it for the reorganizing, the art was always seen as a perk. I am creating a roleplaying system, and several settings for the system. I thought I needed a stock art option to bring people in, but there are better stock artists on the site already, and there is so much art I need to do for the games I have in development. Patrons will have input on the concepts for the art that will make it into the games. I will post thumbnails and progression images of the final works that will be published. The community here will have sway over what gets added in the future: monsters, races, adventure modules, on and on. Anything I publish, the patrons will get early access to, and free pdf copies of. I can't promise a hat or shirt or coffee mug to everyone that donates, but I can offer my work to you. Patrons will get discounts on my commission services based on patronage level. I am still working on what I have to offer between project publications. Thank you for your continued support.
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