Dental ASMR Update ^^ ETA 60 minutes! Please stay till the end for an impromptu surprise ^^ It's been a year since your last visit with me! I hope you enjoy the sounds: Slow, soft speaking, whispering, camera scene changes, chair sounds, xray sounds, keyboard, plastic, suction, air/water, dental instruments, scraping, polishing, and many more!! Working at a dental office, means loads of sounds, tingly ones and background ones. But I hope you can take it all in as this is as real as it may get ^^ I filmed this at my favorite office in San Ramon, Ca. I feel like I can give my all to our patients here and it's always the most rewarding experience to have strangers tell you what a difference you've made. So thank you, if your job promotes good feelings, positive and life changing experiences! There were actually a lot of obstacles while filming this video XD But nevermind it, it's finally here and I hope you can enjoy it. You actually fell asleep you were so relaxed towards the end so your partner ended up taking you home ^^
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