Hey everybody! Welcome... Thanks for coming - You probably got an invite from me this week to come check this out. I'm looking for some EARLY ADOPTERS... Those who would be willing to jump in with me here to start this Patreon thing with success. Those who would be willing to take the plunge and pledge anywhere from $1 to $3 per video to help us reach our first goal... $100 per video. Helping us to get started will only draw in others down the road to be a part! So thanks EARLY ADOPTERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT... Here are your perks for being a part of our first goal being reached... Including IMMORTALIZATION here on this very webpage. Jason Special Video and Perks For Our Launching Patrons $100 per Video For those of you who jump in as early adopters regarding this Patreon thang... I will make a special video for all of you AND... I WILL ADD all of your names (unless you don't want me to) to this very Patreon page... FOREVER
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