Hello people of Patreon! Welcome to my feed. :-) This week I've mostly been working on "Lilyponding" (that is, engraving through coding) sheet music for several of the songs I sing, ready to turn into songbooks to sell with CD releases - and also, of course, to release in .pdf form to any and all patrons who give $3 or more per song. In addition, I'm also Lilyponding the two songs I recorded for my single "Fair Maid on the Shore" last summer. My lovely first patron, plus the next four people to become my patrons, will all get .pdfs of those songs as a freebie... Lilyponding is a pleasing challenge for me: when I first started to learn the program, it was the first coding I'd done since I was a kid and learned to make some very simple BASIC programs on my Dad's BBC computer. (Goodness, I feel old...) Now I'm starting to get the hang of engraving music by coding it, I'm really relishing it, both as an intellectual challenge, and as a satisfying and actually quite sensible form of getting sheet music looking good. Graphic User Interface-style music programs tend in my experience to be either expensive or rather unwieldy. I have terrible memories of trying to use Capella many many years ago, and running into the continual problem that a tiny slip of the hand on the mouse could turn a simple dotted rhythm into a long run of dots and a semihemidemisemiquaver, possibly attached to a complex tangle of slurs! Coding isn't always the most intuitive method of engraving, and I'm still regularly running into problems that need debugging, and spending patient minutes counting brackets, but at least the errors are consistent! And above all, both Lilypond itself, and the program I use to run it, called Frescobaldi (which I highly recommend, incidentally) are open source and, blessedly, free. Also, that feeling when I press "engrave", and the code I've been creating on the left-hand side of the screen does successfully emerge as a page of sheet music on the right is immensely satisfying. Even more so when the music is something I've written. I'm looking forward to doing more. :-)
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