Okay so…there’s this Chinese place nearby called Chopstix that I adore the food at, and every time we open up a menu to order out from there I am always amused to remember they have a meal called “Happy Family”. Not sure if that’s a bad translation or something, but it’s always really funny to me. So I was thinking…I think at some point in my webcomic I’m going to have Daniel go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Fae Market with Bernard’s family and the girls (Bek, Teruko, + Chika) and maybe Russett and/or Faelan. And I will do this JUST so I can have the Happy Family on their menu actually be exactly what it says on the tin (because, if you’re new here, Bernard’s family eats humans). Just imagine, Bernard ordering a jumbo Happy Family meal for him and his wife and kids to share, and Russett hurriedly whispering to Daniel to NOT ORDER THE HAPPY FAMILY MEAL. WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT ORDER IT. HERE, I’VE MARKED ALL THE FOODS THAT YOU WON’T BE HORRIFIED BY THE CONTENTS OF AND/OR POISONED BY.
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