What a happy start to this Patreon thing! Thank you all for supporting me! My life is hectic right now, so I don't have the ability to offer too many options, but I did rearrange a little, and added a $5 level that comes with bonuses, in part because so many people already were pledging 5. When you check your payment settings things month, please update your choices accordingly! (Also, it was a busy month, you may want to make sure your account is in order before they withdraw anything! I mention this again because the poll results showed that not everyone knew they could limit their funding so if I blow through with a buncha stuff, you won't have to support EVERYTHING, just however much you want to do each month.) Since I've been making changes as I learn, I decided to open up all previous creations and bonus content to be viewable to all Patrons so y'all can catch up! Please remember to look for attachments! If you're shy about leaving feedback on posts here, maybe you'd consider answering the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RTCJVDK ! It's helpful for me to know more about what YOU awesome Patrons enjoy! Thank you again! <3
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