This isn't technically the second update for Episode 013...but hey! New website, new start! I've completed the third segment of Episode 013, which leaves four left to go. At least two of those are going to be monsters, though, which will require a fair amount of extra graphics and such. So I don't think I'll keep up my segment-a-night pace from the last couple of days. Bear with me, though. I really think this episode is going to be a good one. Work on the new site is shaping up, too. I had a bit of an episode archive put together, but I wasn't really happy with the way it was looking. I'm trying something new, and hopefully I'll have all 12 existing episodes embedded by the end of the week. Likewise the game archive is shaping up nicely as well. Looking at all that classic Mega Drive artwork I'm struck by just how beautiful some of the early Japanese box art really was. And by the way, clicking on any of those images will give you a bit of release info on the game as well as take you directly to that game's particular segment on the show. Give it a shot! One last thing: I've got my CDX set up again. It's running through a SCART cable to an XRGB Framemeister and, wow, is the picture gorgeous. I've also dusted off the old Saturn thanks to Kevin Larrabee inviting me back to the excellent Back in My Play podcast to do a system retrospective. Look for it in the coming weeks! Anyway, my point is the Framemeister setup means it's quite easy for me to stream footage from both of these great systems (along with Master System, Sega CD and 32X games). I'm toying with the idea of a weekly live show or shows that centre on playing through games from those various libraries. A "Generation 16 Live" or something. Got any thoughts on that? Is it something you'd like to see? Got a better idea for the name?
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