About the $1024 milestone goal
Probably like most people, whenever I'm offered cool things, I take them. So this past weekend I was offered a bunch of old arcade parts that were pulls from old machines, and I thought to myself, I think these would be perfect for a prototype instrument. I spent a lot of time thinking about the milestone goals I set. I figured I would use this post and a few future Patreon posts to explain my thinking behind them. Case in point, I don't necessarily need a grand to build a musical instrument, but I *do* probably need to be making about that much per-release to set aside time to doing this sort of a thing. Right now it's about both time *and* money, and I'm in a situation where I have to prioritize the things that are most important and will give me the most return for my time. Having said that, once I do have a prototype, I'm probably going to want to build a production unit, and for that I will use pledge money directly. I'm really very fortunate that (at least currently) I have access to things like a mill so I will probably only have to pay for the cost of materials when it comes to building a control panel for all of this hardware to be mounted to. Although I'll need to re-learn a little bit of drafting, I don't expect that part to be so bad, and I should be able to build quickly once it's time. Then I just need to learn to "play" my new instrument on-stage! End braindump, more posts like this soon, let me know if you like these braindumps.
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