The Acid Cavern of Flemdrogoon
Near the village of Flemdrogoon is a small cavern. This one room cavern has been plenty explored over the years and no one suspects a deeper secret though many of claimed to have heard rumblings from deep within the rock. Hidden behind the secret doors within the cavern is a single, large acid geyser which erupts at a mostly erratic pace. This acid runs off and forms pools in the cavern. The acid is extremely acidic and has been known to eat through even the best metals. In the deepest portion of the cavern lies a chamber filled with strong wooden crates. Inside these crates are what remains of a long forgotten dwarven mining operation. The dwarves managed to discover a way to harvest the acid and harden it, nullifying the dangerous acid and leaving behind a beautiful, and rare, gemstone. These wooden crates are loaded with these gemstones.
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