Several folks are not only saying they think it's OK to take ads, but encouraging it because they want us to be funded. Or maybe they sell ads. I don't know. ;) That's cool and in all seriousness, I know it comes from a good place and I super thank them. A couple other people have said they'd prefer the show remain ad-free. And that's cool and comes from a good place too with other good reasons. Here's the upshot. If we can get the level of backers to $10K a month, there will be no need for ads in the show. If we don't get that level a month, we may have to take some ads. Simple as that. Hope that makes sense to y'all. It's why we did it that way. I *said* in the video we'd like to remain ad-free only because it makes things simpler. It's less tracking, let's checking, less negotiation and gives us more time to focus on the content. But it doesn't mean we'll refuse to do ads. So don't worry. There are great sponsors out there we'd love to partner with. What we're asking here is that if you feel the show has value, and you feel you can return that value, to do so. If you're thinking "you know, I don't want to give anybody money, why can't he just take ads so I don't have to be involved?" that's fair and fine. If enough other people support us here, then you won't have to. THEY will be the advertisers essentially! It's all good. If enough people don't, we may have to take some ads. You'll win either way. Thanks again for even giving a darn about all this. We're thrilled that people even watch the show, so all the rest is gravy. Delicious gravy from Hormel. Available in your grocer's freezer section. Use the code DTNS for 50% off---
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