Alien Dice 27.2 05
“The Gauntlet has been called.” Lexx snapped at the cat. He glared at her, waiting for her response. Stealth visibly flinched back, her tails swishing erratically behind her. She stared up at Lexx with a sincerely concerned expression that he had never seen before. “What are you going to do?” She inquired, her voice almost breaking. Lexx’s annoyance melted away in the face of Stealth’s visible emotions. He stepped away from her and settled back onto the side of the bed. “Wake everyone up and tell them I’m leaving.” He answered the question in a reluctant tone. Stealth sprang forward, the fur along her back raised in alarm, wings arcing up and out. “You can’t do that, Lexx!” She hissed The convention has left my mind mush, evidenced by me reposting this when I didn't need to.. - Tiff
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