Alien Dice 27 part 2 page 19
D'oh, life got in the way of getting this up yesterday. :( “Eventually, you will have to sleep.” Riane’s form rippled and shifted quickly into a nightmarish form, her body disintegrating into the long slender form a of a snake. Her features distorted to the grotesque proportions, clawed fingers reaching out to Lexx as he refused to look at her. She snarled and loomed over Lexx, then flipped back in on herself, vanishing in a swirl of light and taking her rage with her. It was only then that Lexx looked back. The Relay was empty now and he was free to leave, on his terms. Lexx shoved the images away, scowling at yet another possible problem, but he was confident he could deal with this one. She was a figment and he could control her. Lexx stared out at the ocean, grunting in annoyance. “I don’t need to sleep.” He muttered to himself.
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