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Analog Rytm Epic Jam
I've had some more time to learn the Rytm. Knowing another Elektron is definitely helpful. But there's a lot of stuff specific to the Rytm that you have to teach your head and fingers in order to move quickly. In this video I'm making heavy use of Performance mode. With each pad you can map parameter changes all over the sounds and fx. They're aftertouch sensitive and it works very well. Very smooth sensors and transitions. No steppy stuff. I've got one pad mapped for compression, another for reverb send, another one for delay, and two for pitch bending. The kick pad performance is for making the kick drum a bit boomier. Stuff like this helps making this machine playful and fun to operate. You can still program stuff really tight, but notice how I move around in this video without spending too much time fiddling around with the knobs and stuff. I didn't even touch the sequencer trig knobs. It feels great working this way! Ok, that's it for today. Thanks for your support everyone! And as always, feel free to share, and don't be shy to burst out with comments on this and that. Cheers! Cuckoo
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