And the Winner is...
And the winner of the current art giveaway is... Simon Hawkes! Thanks for your support Simon! Let me know if there is something you would prefer to have from Sithrah or reMIND! I'll send it off in a tube this week. Also since there is only one person in the $20 level, I will be giving Kyle Davis ANOTHER original this month. Thanks again Kyle for your ongoing support! I'll send you off something cool this week as well. _________________ If you guys missed last months video call then you can watch it right here or on Youtube at the following link: _________________ You might be wondering how things are going with Sithrah. Well, they are going surprisingly well. I have been making lots of progress on the sketches and ink work for future posts. I haven't shown anything here yet because I want to post everything in order so I plan to post the final coloring pass of everything I have already show in sketch form before I start showing thumbnails and sketches for the next pages. I also have been playing with the layout of the book version and I'm getting close to having the first book thumb-nailed completely out. About a month ago I made a MAJOR story change and it's been forcing me to think about everything again. I love how this story is kinda taking me for a ride in the same way that it's going to take my audience. Anyway, at this point I think I'll be publishing a book version of each chapter of the story instead of multiple chapters in each book like I did for reMIND. This first chapter ends up being about 70 pages (maybe more) when converted into page format. Then I plan to add a bunch of pages of sketches and Making-of-stuff to the back end of each book. My goal is to make this first Sithrah book 96 pages long and hardbound just like reMIND but only cost $20. If all goes as planned then I should be launching a Kickstarter for it in September. :) See you soon! Jason
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