Another Day, another villain!
It's been a week since we launched our Patreon, and I'd like to thank EVERYONE who's pledged so far. Your help matters so much to me. Therefore, I'd like to show you another character you'll meet if we reach our funding milestone! Meet, Frequency! She's our first female villain, and she'll be a handful! Even though she's a villain who's more hands off. Frequency is a hacker, and a brilliant one at that. But she's also an acoustic specialist. To the point where she knows the hypnotize people. So when she arrives in Delta City, she'll control anyone who has a device she can hack! Scary huh? Frequency will be introduced after Phase. That's Guardians #6 and #7 if you're keeping count. This is just another reason to help us reach our $900 milestone. Free stuff, cool characters, and cool stories! What more could you want?
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