Another disappointment in the wall
I'm going to level with you, dear readers: I was really hopeful for this month. When I kicked off July with an absolutely spectacular demo, I was hopeful that we'd hit a string of good stuff. Instead, every single demo has been some flavor of disappointing this month, ranging from mediocre to problematic to... well, this week is just plain bad. It's a creative idea that doesn't work, and somehow it got brought into life as a fully fleshed-out title. I don't know why that happened. On the bright side, after binging on Defender's Quest yesterday I can most certainly say that my assessment of its demo was entirely accurate. What seemed to be leading into a very fun full game does, in fact, lead to a very fun full game. I do feel like the dragons are kind of dippy-looking, though. Anyway, that's not this week's demo; this week is the "nice idea, horrid execution" of Hammerfight. Enjoy reading about it!
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