The Apocalypse Has Been Postponed
Friends, I was really excited to release a game in December, adding one final title to my 2013 Patreon run. The game in question is Dream Askew, a diceless, MCless, queer and contemporary remix of Apocalypse World. As of last night at 6pm, I was ninety-five percent of the way to complete. And my plan was to tie myself to the computer chair and finish it - come up with the description text for the Outlying Gangs, finish the Principles and Moves for the Hocus and Arrival, and revise the paragraph on minor characters. Just sit down and throw myself at those final chunks of text. But I realized that finishing the game in a rush wasn't doing anyone any favours - it was stressing me out, and it was jeopardizing the finished quality of the game. I took in a deep breath, and made the right choice: Dream Askew would be a product of 2014, like so many other beautiful and exciting things. Thanks for being my patrons! I'm really excited about the game I'll be releasing mid-January! I've attached two sheets of preview material for the game, submitted without context or explanation for your amusement. Hopefully it's exciting.
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